Internet Plans

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IGS Limited uses both Microwave and Fiber Links to get internet to homes, Offices and Schools/Institutes. Essentially, we mount a Microwave radio antenna which is a dish like on your rooftop with direct “Line of sight” to the nearest mast. This internet dish then connects to a WiFi router, typically an IGS router in your house, Office, School or Institution which then supplies internet to all your devices.


IGS Limited charges a one-time fee of Ugx 350,000 for this equipment and installation which is fair enough. Our microwave Wireless connection charges have options. See Below our options:
12 – 20Mbps350,000/MbpsMonthly
220 – 50Mbps340,000/MbpsMonthly
Prices are inclusive of the recently introduced 12% internet tax and 18% Tax


When you look at our packages, IGS Limited seems a very attractive option.
12 – 20Mbps380,000/MbpsMonthly
220 – 50Mbps370,000/MbpsMonthly
These prices are inclusive of the recently introduced 12% internet tax and 18% Tax. Note: - IGS encourage Organizations that have capacity to carry out their own LAN installation to do so; thereafter IGS conducts network quality control tests. - At IGS we offer holiday disconnections/ no pay provisions on request from the customer.